Think Fast
Many times it is difficult to determine what Jesus would do in a situation.  Look to biblical principles to try to determine what Jesus would do in each of the six situations below.

Situation 1:

You've been accepted to both a Christian college and a state university.  Your parents want you to go to the Christian college so you can get a strong biblical education.  But you believe God wants you to pursue a particular major, and the state university has a strong program in the field of study that interests you.  You know that choosing the state university over the Christian school will disappoint your parents.  But you also want to follow your dreams and what you believe God wants yo to do in life.  WWJD?

Situation 2:

You've always voted because you felt it was your civic duty.  But the upcoming elections in your district present you with a dilemma.  One of the candidates is pro choice and says he will do everything he can to uphold legislation protecting a woman's right to choose.  The other candidate is notorious for his womanizing and lives an immoral life.  But he's considered one of the political party's rising stars.  You've considered not voting at all, but somebody's going to be elected, and you want to have a say in the electoral process.  WWJD?

Situation 3:

You played the lottery just this once.  After all, the preacher says the sin in gambling is getting hooked, and you're not going to get hooked -- or so you try to convince yourself.  Besides, nobody will know.  It's not like you're going to win.
Guess what?
A few days later you find out you're a winner.  You're happy about your newfound wealth, but at the same time you know your Christian friends and people you've witnessed to are not only going to grill you about playing the lottery but also ask you to share your wealth with them.  WWJD?

Situation 4:

A family member of yours was in a very bad accident.  She's in a coma and on a life support system.  The doctors don't give her much chance of recovering, but your family believes that God will heal her.  However, the issue of costly medical expenses arises; and a family debate ensues as to whether to let her remain on life support or to take her off and trust God to do the rest.  WWJD?

 Situation 5:

An applicant for the music director's job at your church has all the qualifications that a congregation desires of music director.  In fact, he's more qualified than all the other candidates, but there's a catch -- he's of a different race than the majority of your congregation.  The nomination committee is split on the issue.  One side believes that if the man is qualified and has demonstrated a commitment ot Christ, why not hire him?
However, the other side believes that despite his qualifications, the church might feel uncomfortable with him.  WWJD?

Situation 6:

A panhandler walks up to you and gives you a sob story.  He lost his job, home and family and needs a few bucks so he can get himself a bite to eat.  You feel guilty because you know you should help those less fortunate.  But at the same time, you're not sure whether he truly needs the money, whether he's going to go around the corner to the local store and buy a bottle of booze or whether he's trying to get you to reveal you have money so he can rob you.  WWJD?




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